There have been 2 recent cases of patients undergoing oral surgery where surgeons struggled to control the bleeding with their usual methods, and the patients had to undergo blood transfusions. After ruling out any congenital coagulation disorders, medical personnel discovered the patients drink 2 or more 16 ounce energy drinks daily.

Some energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine. Monster, ReLoad, and Hype Energy contain these high levels of caffeine, but also contain ginseng, and guarana seed extract.

Ginseng metabolizes to ginsenosides, which inhibit platelet aggregation.

Guarana is from an Amazonian fruit. The extract made from the seeds, guarana extract, will also reduce platelet aggregation.

There have also been 15 case reports linking ginkgo use to spontaneous bleeding events (nose bleeds, hemorrhoidal, ecchymosis). These  were patients taking ginkgo biloba as a supplement, commonly used for memory impairment. Additional conditions the supplement is taken for include dementia, arterial insufficiency, vertigo, and tinnitus.

Please let your dentist know if you are taking any supplements, and if you have an energy drink habit!

Dentists, please ask your patients about drinking energy drinks, and recommend they discontinue usage before any surgical procedures!

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Source: Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, article by Dr. Richard L Wynn, October 2012.