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We dentist types have known for some time that when you swap slobber with your significant other or your children, you are also swapping bacteria. Yes, spouses of periodontal patients are more at risk for periodontal disease because of this.

But what about the old wives tale that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than ours? Unfortunately, this isn’t true. And dogs do get naturally occurring periodontal disease. Some breeds, like Jessie, my Beagle-ish rescue dog, are particularly at risk.

CNN recently released the following:

Is there dog bacteria growing in your mouth? Maybe…if you kiss your dog–even occasionally.

A Japanese study found that dog owners and their pets swap oral bacteria, that causes gum disease.

When researchers analyzed the germs in over 50 dogs and their owners, they found human bacteria in the mouths of dogs.

And they found canine bacteria in the mouths of humans–even in some who said they didn’t kiss their dogs much.

Overall, they found it doesn’t take much to pass dog germs from their mouth to yours.

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