The American Dental Association is urging dental offices to encourage their patients to participate in bone marrow matching programs. They go so far as to recommend keeping the necessary kits in the office, and helping patients register. It is quick and easy, as now it just requires a cheek swab, not a vial of blood.

I thought, what a worthy cause. My office could really get behind that, and encourage our patients to participate.

BUT, then I read the fine print. If you are 18 to 44 years of age, they want to test you. Unfortunately, if you are older than 44, chances are very slim that a physician would choose your marrow, and in fact, you would need to pay $100 to submit a cheek swab. It is free otherwise.

As a Periodontist, I treat mainly adults. Most of those adults are over 44!

Isn’t it bad enough that when I fill out a form that requires my age group I have to scroll WAAAY down these days to find my category? Now my bone marrow is too old to donate?

I am requesting a testing kit for my 20 year old. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to save a life?

If you are lucky enough to fall between 18 and 44, check out the website, and request your kit today.Image