According to, a new bacteria has been reported, and is causing sore throats in young people, ages 15 to 30.

It looks like strep throat, but could be fusobacterium necrophorum. You would test negative for strep, and so far there isn’t a test to show up necrophorum. Symptoms include the standard sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing, and swollen tonsils.

There is a serious complication, that while extremely rare, can be deadly. Called Lemierre’s syndrome, it causes infection in the lung, liver, brain, and bone.

Researchers do not know why the bacteria seems to only infect young people. They also don’t know if it is transmissible. Fortunately, is is treatable with penicillin. If your sore throat is not better after 4-5 days, see your doctor!

Now if they could work on the name…..necrophorum…..?!?

Keep flossing!


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